Missing: One 13-foot, 4,000-pound clog

The Dutch are known for many things, including producing fantastic Renaissance art, turning out a passel of gifted individuals over the centuries, including Erasmus, Spinoza and Leeuwenhoek, and for growing beautiful tulips, often alongside picturesque windmills.

What the country, or at least one small part of it, may want to work on is paying closer attention to the here and now.

Dutch police in the eastern town of Enter are investigating the theft of the country’s largest clog, a 4,000-pound wooden shoe that disappeared without trace from its main street, according to Agence France-Presse.

“We don’t know who stole it, but it’s disappeared,” Rosita de Vries said of the clog.

One wonders how the thieves could have made off with the largest-known example of the Dutch icon without being noticed.

After all, it is 13 feet long and 6-1/2 feet high.

The thieves would have had a truck to fly off with this shoe,” De Vries said.

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