Pint-sized pooch pays price for owners’ indolence

A small yappy dog in a San Francisco-area bedroom community was helped to its eternal reward early Monday morning, courtesy of a mountain lion that slipped into the canine owners’ home and made off with it.

A 15-pound Portuguese Podengo was grabbed from a bedroom in a Pescadero home after the residents reportedly left their French doors partially open for the dog to go outside, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The dog woke its owners around 3 a.m. by “barking aggressively.” A witness told authorities she saw the shadow of an animal come into the room through the French doors, grab the dog from the bed and walk out. When she grabbed a flashlight, she saw “large wet paw prints” near the bedroom’s entrance, and called 911.

When police arrived on scene, they discovered paw prints resembling those of a mountain lion, and notified the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

While certainly unfortunate, I have trouble mustering much sympathy for dogs that bark a great deal after hours, or, more particularly, for people who leave their doors open in the middle of the night.

Some will argue that the dog was making noise because it sensed the mountain lion and was being protective, but the fact remains there are too many dogs that bark continuously, disturbing everyone and their brother.

Perhaps if word gets around on the canine grapevine that mouthing off after hours could result in becoming a mountain lion’s late-night snack, a few pooches will think twice before baying all the livelong day (and night).

I don’t expect people who leave their dogs to bark nonstop to suddenly wise up and begin paying attention to their animals.

As for folks who leave their doors open so they don’t have to be bothered getting up and walking their pets, well, it’s hard to muster much sympathy for the indolent.

Canine crime wave ends as culprit captured

cato the dog clinton, sc

It didn’t take much sleuthing to discover the identity of the thief who made off with pig ears, beef bones and dog food from a Dollar General store in Clinton, SC.

Twice within a few minutes earlier this week, items were pilfered from the store, located in South Carolina’s Upstate region.

Store manager Anastasia Polson was at a loss as to how the items could have been lifted so she turned to store surveillance cameras.

The video showed the culprit in action – a local resident well known to area customers: Cato, a husky that apparently has learned that crime does indeed pay.

The video shows the canine walking up to the doors at 9:38 a.m. this past Wednesday, but they closed before he could get into the store. However, the clever canine waited and then tagged along when a customer entered. He came back out less than a minute later.

A quick learner, Cato made another trip inside a short time later, spending about three minutes inside before leaving, according to Charleston, SC, television station WCSC.

“We had to lock the door to keep him from coming back in,” Polson said.

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World’s eighth wonder: Monkeys riding dogs

monkey riding a dog

Life has many wonderful things to offer: Impressionist art, Renaissance cathedrals and watching the sun set over a Pacific fogbank among them.

But for enjoyment and sheer wonder nothing tops the spectacle of a monkey riding a dog.

There will always be naysayers, but whichever marketing guru came up with the idea of placing smallish primates atop a larger canines and then letting them dash off madly – well, that my friends, is pure genius.

It is said there are a handful of things one should undertake in life if at all possible. These include visiting your nation’s capital, reading the classics and traveling, even if it’s within your own country.

I would add that no list of must-do items is complete without witnessing the spectacle that is a monkey riding a dog.

Don’t ask me why; it simply has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Bikers, bulldozers and puppies: It’s all good

flying dog

Occasionally one comes across a news report that cries out for additional information. Given that journalism has been called the “first draft of history,” it’s not surprising that reporters aren’t able to always get complete answers to every question that arises.

Sometimes, though, one has to wonder if an article’s author is an actual living human being, or simply an automaton devoid of curiosity and an awareness of the surreal.

Take this story from the BBC:

A German student “mooned” a group of Hell’s Angels and hurled a puppy at them before escaping on a stolen bulldozer, police have said.

The man drove up to a Hell’s Angels clubhouse near Munich, wearing only a pair of shorts and carrying a puppy.

He dropped his shorts and threw the dog, escaping on a bulldozer from a nearby building site.

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Piddling pug nabbed flouting law

Finally, the new tough-on-crime rhetoric begins to pay dividends.

And don’t any of you mealy-mouthed liberals start bellyaching about going easy on this scofflaw. He’s flouted society’s standards for far too long; it’s about time the long arm of the law finally caught up with him.

Now if the police would only get those damn kids off my lawn.