Toddlers and phones: as smooth together as onions and eyeballs

Enter this under: Things to do to torment my children.

An unattended Chinese toddler locked his mother’s iPhone for nearly 47 years earlier this year after repeatedly entering the wrong passcode while playing with it.

The phone was given to the youngster to watch education videos but when the mother, who was only identified by her surname Lu, came home, she was horrified to find that the phone had been locked until the year 2066.

“iPhone is disabled, try again in 25,114,984 minutes,” the phone notification read, according to the Global Times.

(The story did not detail if the mother left the 2-year old home alone, or with some sort of apparently lackluster supervision.)

When Lu took her phone into an Apple store in Shanghai, Wei Chunlong, a technician, told her she could either choose to wait a few years before attempting to re-enter the passcode or reset her device, which will cost her all data not yet uploaded to the cloud, added Newsweek.

And I’ve been getting a good chuckle out of locking my girls’ phones for five minutes when they leave said devices unattended. I look like a bush leaguer compared to this Chinese toddler.

11 thoughts on “Toddlers and phones: as smooth together as onions and eyeballs

    • As long as they don’t clone the technician who gave the mom the option of waiting a few years before attempting to re-enter her passcode or resetting her device. We have more than enough technicians and customer service reps like that already.

  1. That’s a great story. I’d love there to be a way for phones to be disabled in restaurants. The saddest thing to witness is a couple on a night out, sitting opposite each other engrossed in their own phones. Let there be conversation over dinner…or am I just way out of touch?

    • I’m with you: watching two people sitting there staring at their phones is depressing. Just as bad, if not worse, is watching a family with kids out in public where they’re all doing the same. You’re not out of touch; you were just well brought up.

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