Good news/bad news: Hate wiped out, as is mankind

Finally, a bit of good news.

One gathers from the above Twitter graphic by a local South Carolina television station for a story titled “Tracking Hate Groups in the Carolinas” that we are now hate free.

In fact, it would appear that the entire Southeast is devoid of hate groups. And civilization, for that matter.

The image seems to represent the US in the middle of the, oh, Pleistocene Epoch.

To be fair, hate groups were definitely in short supply back then, what with stone age cultures just coming into being and man too busy fending off predators to engage in serious hating. Neanderthals might disagree, however, if they were still around.

In short, you can always count on local television to not only dramatize anything that might possibly frighten the elderly and youngsters, but to do so in an inept manner.

6 thoughts on “Good news/bad news: Hate wiped out, as is mankind

  1. What I read (Charlotte) used the same graphic but this is the pertinent text. “The Center has documented 31 hate groups in North Carolina and 12 hate groups in South Carolina for 2017. Most of the documented hate groups nation-wide are affiliated with the KKK, Neo-Nazi’s, or White Nationalists, according to the Center.” So, I’m guessing the graphic is simply meant to illustrate the Carolinas rather than map the location of hate groups?

    • I would assume so, but one would might think a better teaser might be to at least show stars where the groups are located, rather than a blank image of the Carolinas. It would certainly be more effective at luring readers to click onto the story, I would have to believe.

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