Tedious, repetitive life of Pacific killer whale ends at 105


The longest-lived killer whale is believed to have died recently, at the age of approximately 105.

Known as Granny, the orca lived in the northeast Pacific Ocean and coastal bays of Washington state and British Columbia.

Last seen on Oct. 12, 2016, it was classified as dead by The Center for Whale Research earlier this month.

Granny was noted for having elicited this remark from Capt. Simon Pidcock of Ocean Ecoventures Whale Watching in a 2014 story that appeared in The Daily Mail:

“[…] it’s mind-blowing to think that this whale is over 100 years old. She was born before the Titanic went down. Can you imagine the things she’s seen in her lifetime?”

Actually, it’s not too hard to imagine what an orca inhabiting the northeast Pacific for more than a century would see in its lifetime: lots of murky water, rocky shoals and other killer whales, along with fish, cephalopods, seals, sea lions, sea birds and, every so often, a glimpse of the sky.

All in all, not that fascinating. Well, except for the cephalopods.

(Top: Undated photo of orca known as Granny, doing what it had done for the previous 80-100 years.)


14 thoughts on “Tedious, repetitive life of Pacific killer whale ends at 105

  1. Maybe “Granny” is not really dead. Maybe she went after that gigantic necklace the old lady in the movie “Titanic” threw into the ocean. Damn, I hated that old lady.

  2. I wonder if any whale lover will be ‘offended’ by your post…
    Mark you, her experience probably beats commuting to London in the same railway carriage with the same people for forty odd years…

    • Yes, all things considered, I’d take splashing around in the ocean for several decades over stop-and-go commuting, mass transit, sitting in a cubicle until the cows come home, etc. I don’t know how happy killer whales are, but they’re probably a darn sight happier than most people I know who have to work for a living.

      I find that many animal lovers are offended by many things. Not all, but many. I love animals, but don’t put them above or on par with humans.

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