Youth gets up close and personal with $1.5 million painting

I don’t know what’s worse: to be the above kid, or his mother.

A 12-year-old Taiwanese boy, touring a Leonardo da Vinci show in Taipei with his mother Sunday, stumbled and accidentally tore a hole in a 17th century painting worth nearly $1.5 million. Surveillance video (above) captured the incident.

Paolo Porpora's 17th century work "Flowers," damaged Sunday.

Paolo Porpora’s 17th century work “Flowers,” damaged Sunday.

The youth, meandering through the tour while drinking a carbonated beverage, lost his footing next to Paolo Porpora’s oil painting “Flowers,” stumbled over the safety rope and pressed his can or cup into the painting as he tried to steady himself.

Andrea Rossi, the exhibition curator, asked that the boy not be blamed for the damage. The family will not be asked to pay the restoration costs.

The rare piece, which belongs to a private collector, is insured and will be shipped back to Italy for further restoration this week, Focus Taiwan, a local news agency, reported.

Porpora (1617–1673) was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque style, specializing in floral still lifes.

3 thoughts on “Youth gets up close and personal with $1.5 million painting

  1. Oh my ! The boy doesn’t look that disturbed about what he just did – I feel for his Mum – presumably she was the one to tear the vague little darling away from his games console and try to instill a little culture.

    • I noticed he was rather nonchalant about the whole affair. If it had been up to him he would have trundled along with the group and not said a word.

      Of course, I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing at age 12, except my mother knew better than to take me anywhere near anything expensive. Just asking for trouble.

      • Yes, I kinda think you’re right. I despaired when my son was younger that he’d ever appreciate anything arty. He does now – it took a while 😀

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