100-carat white diamond brings $22.1 million at auction

100 carat diamond

Someone – perhaps interested in making a very good impression on their significant other – snapped up a flawless 100.2-carat diamond Tuesday for $22.1 million.

The gem, mined by De Beers in South Africa, sold in just three minutes of bidding at Sotheby’s auction house in New York.

The perfect classic emerald-cut D color diamond, about the size of a walnut, was mined by De Beers in southern Africa within the past 10 years. It weighed more than 200 carats before it was cut and polished, a process that took more than a year.

Both the seller and buyer wished to remain anonymous, with the winning bid coming in by phone.

Just six perfect diamonds weighing more than 100 carats have been auctioned in the past 25 years, according to Sotheby’s.

The diamond was described as “the definition of perfection” by the head of Sotheby’s jewelery department in New York.

“The color is whiter than white, it is free of any internal imperfections and so transparent that I can only compare it to a pool of icy water,” Gary Schuler said before the sale.

Two years ago, a flawless pink diamond known as the Pink Star set a world record price for a gemstone at auction when it sold for $83 million in Geneva, according to the BBC.

(Top: Photo of 100.2-carat diamond auctioned by Sotheby’s Tuesday for $22.1 million.)

6 thoughts on “100-carat white diamond brings $22.1 million at auction

  1. Oh that’s good. Nice to know someone will be happy. Twenty two mill would feed an awful lot of people. Or keep the rest of us going for a few years. But hey, yeah, just buy a bright shiny bauble.

    • Twenty two mill would set up an impressive program or two to help families get back on their feet and do much more than just feed them, but I understand what you’re saying.

      I suppose if one can lay out $22 million for a rock, one has plenty more on hand. However, I would think a simple, oh, $50K diamond would be magnificent enough. Then again, I’m a guy, so what do I know about diamonds? It is impressive but even if I had an endless supply of money, I’d not be paying that kind of coin for shiny baubles. It’s just not in my DNA, I suppose.

  2. When they showed this on the news, my wife was mesmerized. It’s like this diamond is a mute siren, haha. I’ll admit that thing is impressive, but like you say, the price is just confounding.

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