Cold snap leaves curious ice decorations in North Carolina

ice grill

The above is the sort of image one expects to see in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, or Bangor, Maine – not Greenville, NC.

The ice imprint of the front grill of a Jeep Cherokee was discovered in the visitor’s parking lot at Vidant Medical Center Tuesday afternoon.

The ice was attached to the curb.

The image first appeared on the website of Greenville television station WITN. A second image can be seen here.

The station speculated that the owner of the Jeep let their vehicle run to warm up the motor, which likely loosened the ice on the front. The imprint was then left when the Jeep was backed out of the parking space.

(HT: Twisted Sifter)

12 thoughts on “Cold snap leaves curious ice decorations in North Carolina

  1. Stephen King could make something out of that (although, TBH, that whole idea in his Christine of a “wheelie scawy” evil CAR (ha ha ha–ridiculous!!) left me cold.

      • I’d happily trade some heat for some of that cold! It’s 8.00 at night and the temperature has not long dropped below 30c (86f).

        We were watching the news report earlier about the huge snowfalls in the US and it’s obvious we really have no idea about proper cold here! The worst my car will ever get during winter might be a layer of ice on the windscreen, easily removed with the hose, and we are close enough to see snow on the mountains across the valley.

        You’re right, soon enough we’ll all be complaining about too much of the other extreme. 🙂

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