Professional baseball team peddles tickets for 4 cents apiece

blue rocks

Opening Day for the Wilmington (Del.) Blue Rocks is still two months away, but Mother Nature didn’t do the Class A minor league baseball team any favors this week.

As a promotional offer, tickets for Blue Rocks’ first home game were aligned with the temperature. Whatever the thermostat read when the box office opened at 8 a.m. Monday, that’s what fans would pay for a ticket for the club’s April 16 home opener.

With the recent cold snap that’s moved through much of the Eastern United States recently, the temperature in Wilmington Monday morning was 4 degrees.

As a result, fans could snap up groups of eight tickets, which normally range for $48 to $88 total, for 32 cents in all, a discount of more than 99 percent, according to ESPN.

“It’s really cold here, and we want to get the fans thinking about us,” said Stefani Rash, director of tickets for the Carolina League affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.

Fans could also order tickets by phone and through the Internet, although they were charged a $5 handling fee.

The Blue Rocks sold about 3,600 Opening Day seats, and more than 200 fans took advantage of the chance to buy eight tickets for a grand total of 32 cents.

This is the second year that the Blue Rocks have held the promotion. Last year the price was 20 cents a ticket, ESPN reported.

Although the team leaves money on the table in the short term, the promotion ensues that fans experience the ballpark on the first day it’s open, Rash said.

If the temperature had dropped to zero or below, the club would have given out tickets for free, according to Rash.

(Top: Wilmington Blue Rocks in action during a game in which a ticket promotion was apparently not being utilized.)

5 thoughts on “Professional baseball team peddles tickets for 4 cents apiece

  1. Blue Jays tickets go on sale today- they might take a page out of this team’s book- given the way they’ve performed the last few seasons… (although they still have a way to go until they’re as abysmal as the Leafs…)

    Just thinking about the fact that Spring might actually come might sell some tickets, though. With the weather we’ve been having, any sign of the return of the Boys of Summer is cause for a little optimism.

    • Every time I start to whine about our cold weather, I remember what it’s really like in the winter up north.

      I’d like to blame the Leafs’ ongoing woes on Harold Ballard, but seeing how he’s been dead for 25 years, that excuse is growing weak at this point.

  2. Okay- THAT made me lol- given the fact I can well remember the Ballard years and the complaints about the guy. I think that using him as an excuse HAS maxed out its shelf life- but nice try, CBC.

    Honestly? I’m not suggesting that I don’t usually whine about the cold and the winter (not a ‘true’ Canadian- in that sense, anyway), but Sunday was just crazy with the cold/wind off the lake. And it’s supposed to head back down that direction again tomorrow and Friday. I. Am. Done.

    Need a vacation. Dreaming of summer cottage time to come…

    • I lived in northern New England for the better part of nine years. I couldn’t do it again. The only thing I miss is pond hockey – and, of course, you can only do that when the wind isn’t whipping and the temperature hasn’t dipped so far below freezing that the inside of your nostrils freeze before you step five feet out of your truck. But when the sun’s out and it’s between 15 and 30 degrees with little to no wind, there was no better way to spend a weekend day.

      As beautiful as Ontario is much of the year, I don’t envy you in January and February.

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