Yemeni man takes himself out of ‘Father of the Year’ competition


While there were many times my own parents likely felt the need to, as they say, “drop the bomb” on me during my formative years, they were on the whole quite subdued in their response to my youthful antics.

The same cannot be said for a Yemeni father who recently attempted to end his sons’ disobedience by tossing two grenades at them when they were at his house.

Earlier this month, according to police, the unidentified father, age 70, ran out of patience with his sons’ failure to abide by his instructions.

“After exhausting many methods of discipline, the father decided to bomb them,” according to

Shortly after his sons entered his house in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a, the father threw the grenades in.

Hand grenade: Generally not effective as means to discipline children.

Hand grenade: Generally not effective as means to discipline children.

According to the Yemeni ministry of interior’s official website, the sons, aged 22 and 30, suffered shrapnel wounds in their legs, and were being treated in a hospital in the capital.

Police arrested the dad.

Among the many troubling questions raised by this account – besides the fact that someone would attempt to use an explosive device as a form of disciple:

Who throws grenades into his own house? Just how easy is it to procure explosives in Yemen? What other forms of discipline did the father attempt before turning to the tried and trusted hand grenade?

Hopefully the dysfunctional clan will have things patched up by the time Ramadan rolls around next summer.


16 thoughts on “Yemeni man takes himself out of ‘Father of the Year’ competition

  1. I can’t believe that the sons made it to the ages they did with a father who has such extreme views on discipline! I wonder if this is the first occasion ever he had been left alone with them. Mum thought it would be ok to nip down the shops for a carton of milk…. 😉

  2. some traditions…. I saw a movie (true story) where the children (boys) took part in stoning their Mother to death because the Father wanted a divorce. Mother did not want to so Father accused her of adultery. In Muslim, this is punishable by stoning.

  3. This surely is taking cultural differences a bit far? Or have some societies become so de-sensitised to bombs and explosives that they are part of everyday life. How sad, if that’s the case – what hope is there?

    • I don’t think this is the norm in *any* society. I’m not sure what the state of social services is in Yemen, but this bunch ought to be moved to the front of the line for some intensive family therapy. Somehow, I don’t think they’re the type that would embrace such assistance.

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