Falcons’ marketing department takes a short siesta

falcons graphic

It’s long been a running joke that football players are better known for brawn than brains. Apparently, the marketing department of at least one professional football team didn’t pay all that much attention in college, either.

The Atlanta Falcons will be in London this weekend to play the Detroit Lions, part of the National Football League’s effort to broaden its fan base.

To give Falcons fans an inside look at the team’s journey across the Atlantic, the club posted the above infographic detailing the travel schedule.

Someone’s lack of geography knowledge could have proven costly, as the graphic showed the team traveling first to Baltimore and then to somewhere in Spain, rather than London, which would have left them more than 900 miles south of Wembley Stadium.

Fortunately, the Falcons were alerted to the mistake and corrected the error, greatly diminishing chances that a group of extremely large, muscular and no doubt irate men would be left wandering the confines of Barcelona Airport.

(HT: Deadspin)

13 thoughts on “Falcons’ marketing department takes a short siesta

  1. Had they done so they could have slugged it out with the vast number of huge Russian men I saw on my return from Spain who were returning to base after their holidays in the sun and were most aggrieved at the waiting time in the queue to check in…

  2. Lovely story. Like it 🙂 but how can anyone confuse Barcelona and London? Ah. That would b the country whose tourists roll off cruise ships and look puzzled that Gibraltar’s currency is surprisingly not US dollars.

    • Unfortunately, you can replace Gibraltar with just about any country in your comment. *US tourist lands in Estonia/Cyprus/Madagascar/Sri Lanka/etc. “What do you mean that dollars aren’t the national currency here? It’s what we use back in New Jersey; how can people possibly get by without dollars?”*

      • US tourist lands in Aus/NZ. ‘Y’all take dollars?’

        ‘Fair dinkum, mate,’ or words to that effect.

        UST hands over US bucks.

        ‘Jeez, mate, we can’t take this ****. You need Austrylian/Kiwi dollars, not this Monopoly money.’

        UST has MI. Aussie/Kiwi shrugs and calls the ambulance, wondering what s/he had said wrong.

        To be fair they would accept them in Gib, at an extortionate exchange rate. The rate for taking euros is bad enough. Dollar rate would be min two bucks to the pound nearer two point five. Current bank rate is 1.62 I think.

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