Simpler, natural lifestyle of ‘olden days’ left something to be desired

dead by 35

In fairness, infant mortality likely kept life-expectancy figures low for prehistoric man.

But among those who made it into adulthood, even the most mundane problems associated with lack of medical care – i.e. rotting teeth, hemorrhoids, sinus infections, etc. – probably made them wish they were dead.

And, as far as I knew, deaths due to injuries incurred during mastodon hunts are way down over the past few millennia.


11 thoughts on “Simpler, natural lifestyle of ‘olden days’ left something to be desired

  1. Life expectancy is higher than it has ever been and activity in tbe over fifties is record high. Unfortunately only in rich nations where the benifits of medical science are exploted. There are signs of a turning point due to obesity, mans own greed no fault of medicine. If we do not solve impending problems of antibiotic resistance and climate change the pendulum may swing very sharply back to dark- age values.

    • The turning point started a while back. Depending on nation and lifestyle. Tell me why my grandmothers brought up in the austerity eras of the two world wars, pre convenience foods, lived longer than my parents?

      Longevity is good on the Med coast, but it takes years to study. However it’s not difficult to work out that a simple diet, the social factors of a family life, and, sensibly keeping out of the sun but regularly exercising all help.

      • My grandfather lived to 95. My grandmother made it to 88. My grandfather’s sister turned 103 last week. one of his brothers lived to 99, a sister-in-law to 99 and another sister-in-law to 93. The “shortest-lived” was a brother who died at 80. All were born between 1907 and 1917, and endured the Great Depression, among other things. None were born in a hospital. My grandfather and his siblings grew up on a farm and began hard work at a very early age.

        This generation kept the habits they grew up with – basic diet, hard work, no drinking or smoking – throughout their lives. I realize that life can throw you a curveball when it comes to health, but there’s something to be said for a little austerity.

    • Obesity is indeed a very real problem. I remember reading a comment someone from India made once about the US. He said it was the country where the poor were overweight.

      Perhaps man’s greed will ultimately be the answer. No one wants to live in a desolate wasteland; perhaps the danger of that will force mankind to change what needs to be changed. Self interest is a very strong motivator.

    • That question actually sums up the mindset of a large segment of society. Unfortunately, it’s not going to change. Thanks in no small part to television news, far too many folks want to live by mantras that can be described in a five- to 10-second soundbite.

      Life isn’t that neat and I, personally, wouldn’t want it to be. Too boring.

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the Ontario autumn.

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