It’s a dry heat, like the inside of a baker’s oven

feels like

Given the above comes courtesy of the military-oriented blog Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid, it’s likely that the reading was taken at a US military base somewhere in the Middle East.

My first reaction was, well, it only feels like it’s 106.

Somehow, that’s likely small consolation to folks in that area of the world, particularly if they’re dressed in uniform and lugging around gear and weapons.

Note also there’s absolutely no hint of a breeze. Conditions more akin to the inside of an oven than, say, an inhabitable planet.

I’ve experienced temperatures as high at as 111 degrees (44 Celsius), in California’s Sacramento Valley – not a lot of fun, even for someone who revels in heat. I couldn’t image what another 10 degrees without any wind whatsoever would have been like.

6 thoughts on “It’s a dry heat, like the inside of a baker’s oven

  1. I survived the extraordinary summertime heat wave three or four years ago when Dallas highs were spiking between 112 and 115! Also was a heat wave in D in the early 80s in which 20 people died of heat strokes and the hospitals couldn’t keep up with the heat strokes and dehydration. And then there’s Houston with humidity through the roof so close to the Gulf! Small wonder my beloved Texas is so bizarre: blame it on the heat.

    • We here in S.C. get some wild heat, but nothing like what Texas and Arizona can see. I’ve occasionally pondered how folks got along 100 years ago in these regions, before air conditioning. You can only swim in the creek for so long.

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