Post breaks down ceremonial first pitches

worst first pitches

It’s the sort of feature that tends to leave journalism purists with their knickers in a knot, but kudos to the Washington Post for their examination of ceremonial first pitches and subsequent declaration that rapper 50 Cent’s recent effort was likely the “worst ever.”

The methodology was less than scientific, according to the publication: “We watched a whole bunch of YouTube pitch videos and plotted them, to the best of our ability, across a strike zone diagram, using the tried-and-true “eyeballin’ it” method.”

As the above graphic shows (click to embiggen), the Post categorized first pitches by government officials, athletes, celebrities and the fictional/extinct. That last group included Santa Claus, Cookie Monster and the ever-lovable T-Rex (the Cretaceous Period carnivorous dinosaur, not the ‘70s glam rock band).

50 Cent’s effort at a recent Mets-Pirates game was at least 12 feet off the plate. His form indicated it would be best if he didn’t quit his day job.

What’s more disquieting about the graphic is some of the individuals Major League baseball teams allow to throw out ceremonial first pitches.

Presidents, Supreme Court Justices and former athletes are understandable; pop culture figures that are famous for being famous, not so much.

50 Cent, whether or not you care for his music (or other endeavors), can at least be said to have actually accomplished something.

(Top: Chart compiled by the Washington Post showing ceremonial first pitch results by politicians, athletes, celebrities and fictional/extinct figures.)

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