13 thoughts on “Thought for the day …

  1. Love that sign. It’s gotten so bad that news shows now report on their lives. Not just the late-night entertainment junk, but actual evening news.

  2. I keep seeing references in the press to some Kardashian woman with a huge bum….
    Does a huge bum make you famous?
    If so our history lessons were sorely lacking…

    • Sad thing is, there have been a lot of women with big bums who were a lot smarter and more interesting than this one. I’ve never really understood the phenomenon of being famous for … being famous.

  3. That was unkind. I clicked the link, expecting it to take me to some longer article of yours and then I wandered out the room for a moment and had to listen to all manner of disturbing things streaming on my computer, defiling it.

  4. I can’t applaud loud enough for this post. This is something that has irked me for years.

    Drives me nuts when the local news reports what Paris Hilton was wearing at the Video Music Awards or whatever. Why is my local news reporting what someone who is famous for doing nothing wore to an event at which they had no business being? Goes same for Kardashians, etc.

    Spot on.

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