Winnipeg: Colder than moonlight on a tombstone

winnipeg cold

How cold is it in the Canadian province of Manitoba? One news outlet compared the conditions to that of distant planet.

The Manitoba Museum reported temperatures in the capital city of Winnipeg were actually as bitter as the surface of Mars, according to the CBC.

According to the Curiosity Rover, the robotic rover exploring Mars as part of a NASA mission, the Red Planet reached a maximum temperature of -20 Fahrenheit on Tuesday, somewhat “warmer” than Winnipeg’s “high” of -24. With wind chill, the prairie capital felt more like -40 to -58, the CBC reported.

Those conditions can leave exposed skin frozen in less than five minutes.

And in the northern half of the province, in places like Thompson, Nelson House, Lynn Lake, Leaf Rapids and Churchill, the wind chill on Tuesday made it feel like -54 to -63.

It was so cold earlier this week that nine United Airlines flights, operating as United Express, flying both in and out of Winnipeg were cancelled on Monday. Three flights scheduled to leave Winnipeg Tuesday were also cancelled, according to the Winnipeg Free Press.

“It’s a combination of these ice crystals that form in the air and the temperature,” said Jarek Beem, an airline spokesperson. “That puts the conditions outside of the operating guidelines of the aircraft.”

Such conditions aren’t all that uncommon in Manitoba, where Arctic winds push down temperatures to bone-chilling lows.

In fact, for the better part of a century, Winnipeg police officers wore coats made of buffalo fur while walking the beat in an effort to stay warm.

Last year, a pair of Winnipeg’s finest donned the old-style coats to stay warm after temperatures got below -6 Fahrenheit, according to a CBC report.

(Top: A recent sunrise in Winnipeg. Photo credit: Winnipeg Free Press.)


5 thoughts on “Winnipeg: Colder than moonlight on a tombstone

  1. a friend of mine while in the army stationed in Nome Alaska said he had to where a catheter to pee outside. He even said without it the stream would freeze and he would have to break it off and start over. That is the kind of cold i never want to see

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