Canine crime wave ends as culprit captured

cato the dog clinton, sc

It didn’t take much sleuthing to discover the identity of the thief who made off with pig ears, beef bones and dog food from a Dollar General store in Clinton, SC.

Twice within a few minutes earlier this week, items were pilfered from the store, located in South Carolina’s Upstate region.

Store manager Anastasia Polson was at a loss as to how the items could have been lifted so she turned to store surveillance cameras.

The video showed the culprit in action – a local resident well known to area customers: Cato, a husky that apparently has learned that crime does indeed pay.

The video shows the canine walking up to the doors at 9:38 a.m. this past Wednesday, but they closed before he could get into the store. However, the clever canine waited and then tagged along when a customer entered. He came back out less than a minute later.

A quick learner, Cato made another trip inside a short time later, spending about three minutes inside before leaving, according to Charleston, SC, television station WCSC.

“We had to lock the door to keep him from coming back in,” Polson said.

Cato, who buried his ill-gotten booty nearby, wasn’t stealing for want of food, according to his owner.

Police report filled out by Clinton, SC, police after the capture of Cato the sticky snouted husky.

Police report filled out by Clinton, SC, police after the capture of Cato the sticky snouted husky.

“Look at him, he’s fat,” laughed Holly Darden, who said her dog got loose by slipping off his leash. ”Yes! I feed him. There’s food in there. There’s treats in there.”

Clinton police filled out a report just for fun, telling Darden it was their best arrest ever.

She said she’s not sure if this is this was Cato’s first theft, but said her four-legged companion is apparently quite the Dog-About-Town.

“He’s gotten into Ingles. He’s gotten into Bi-Lo. He goes to Pizza Hut. And he goes up to Yo Cup which is downtown, too,” she said.

(Top: Picture of Cato, the husky that helped himself to such delicacies as pig ears and beef bones from a Dollar General store in Clinton, SC, before being apprehended by local police. Photo credit: WCSC.)

7 thoughts on “Canine crime wave ends as culprit captured

  1. I’m not letting my dogs read this…..they have enough bright ideas as it is.

    Years ago I had a terrier aptly named Scruff who would hop on the bus which stopped at my front gate and ride to the terminus – to be fed sandwiches by the bus crew – and then ride home and be put off at his stop.

    But that was a different world….

  2. That’s huskies for you. Luckily ours is crossed with a GSD so doesn’t display all the naughty husky tendencies just the nice ones. Helen’s is a good tale too, as she said though, different days. Partner had a cat in his youth once, used to walk to the pub/club to wait for him to leave and they would walk home together.

    • How unusual that a cat would be so … accommodating. But it must have been nice to have a small friend waiting for you at the end of the night. My dogs were of the type that like to greet me upon my return home by showing me what they’d chosen to destroy or which new part of the house they’d decided to make their own private bathroom. And they never had any shame about it, either.

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