You’re going to need a bigger boat …

MV ocean breeze

The bulk carrier MV Ocean Breeze, seen above, ran aground earlier this week near the port of San Antonio, Chile.

Chilean Navy helicopters rescued the crew of 24, but the ship was battered by massive waves after it dragged its anchor and came to rest near the beach.

The vessel, flying a Hong Kong flag, carries a cargo of wheat and soy beans.

The above image was submitted to the blog gCaptain by Captain Eric Omar Rodríguez Aracena.

More images and videos can be found of the Ocean Breeze in distress on the gCaptain blog.

(HT: Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid)

15 thoughts on “You’re going to need a bigger boat …

  1. Amazing capture. Good to hear they were able to get the crew off. It would be difficult to imagine having to remain aboard with that amount of water pounding the ship.

    • The noise would be tremendous, wouldn’t it? Watching the video, which shows the water washing over the far side of the deck after each wave, it’s apparent that anyone on deck would quickly be washed overboard. Such power and fury.

  2. What a waste! The waves behind the ship were incredible, but the weather looked decent. The wind didn’t seem to be too hard, the waves coming to shore didn’t seem that large. It’s kind of baffling to a land-lubber like me how that could have happened. Interesting, though! I did go to the other site and watch the videos. Glad everyone was safe! 🙂

    • The sea is a mysterious entity, isn’t it? There’s a book that came out not too long ago about rouge waves, 100 foot or more in height, that apparently happen a lot more at sea than we known about. An excellent read that was a real eye opener about the power of the ocean, even smaller waves.

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