World’s eighth wonder: Monkeys riding dogs

monkey riding a dog

Life has many wonderful things to offer: Impressionist art, Renaissance cathedrals and watching the sun set over a Pacific fogbank among them.

But for enjoyment and sheer wonder nothing tops the spectacle of a monkey riding a dog.

There will always be naysayers, but whichever marketing guru came up with the idea of placing smallish primates atop a larger canines and then letting them dash off madly – well, that my friends, is pure genius.

It is said there are a handful of things one should undertake in life if at all possible. These include visiting your nation’s capital, reading the classics and traveling, even if it’s within your own country.

I would add that no list of must-do items is complete without witnessing the spectacle that is a monkey riding a dog.

Don’t ask me why; it simply has to be experienced to be appreciated.


8 thoughts on “World’s eighth wonder: Monkeys riding dogs

    • But what if the animals are enjoying the event as much as the people watching them?

      Personally, I don’t know how you’d ever train a monkey to stay on the back of a dog, or a dog to allow monkey to ride it. Perhaps there’s a special monkey-dog bond we’re unaware of.

  1. I’ve seen it. I had a monkey during the time I lived in India. Our dog had pups and they would all sleep together in a comfortable box outside. The monkey would get annoyed with the pups and give them a slap once and a while. He would climb on the dog, ruffle through her fur and hold on for a ride. We loved it. We dressed the monkey in a doll’s red cape so he looked like Super Monkey.

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