Chugging along at about 45 percent …


This seems particularly appropriate today.

But then again, when isn’t the wit and wisdom of Homer Simpson appropriate?


8 thoughts on “Chugging along at about 45 percent …

    • “Chugging along” is a good day for me lately. “Sputtering” is probably more apt. When the weather gets nice I tend to want to be outside, which doesn’t do much for productivity. Daydreaming is up sharply, however.

    • I like that, Lisa! How’s it goin’ witchya? I hope you got my message about being off-line while I was taking care of my ailing mom. She is now quickly improving and has 24/7 in home professional care and that has taken quite a load off; although, I will still be heavily involved in her care. She raised me and now the tables have turned. It’s the right thing to do. If she were put in a home, I feel it would shorten her life.

  1. As a former union electrician it reminds me of an old construction worker saying:

    “I only work at two speeds and if you don’t like this one; I know you won’t like the other one.”

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