This has to be animal abuse on some level


It has been said that we in Western society have at our fingertips access to the most powerful technology ever devised – and that we use it largely for viewing cat photos and getting sports updates.

Well, that’s not 100 percent correct. The same amazing technology that allows some to zip cat pictures to friends and family via email, cell phone or some other hi-tech means can also be used to send embarrassing photos of people and cats, thereby doing society a service by helping identify potential serial killers, the utterly deranged or good old-fashioned oddballs.

The delightfully titled website I Don’t Need Anger Management, You Just Need to Shut Up has compiled an array of photos titled “The Absolute Worst Pictures of Men and Cats.”

After perusing the 18 images that were selected, I can’t say that I disagree with any of the choices.

I would add that it’s readily apparent why some men are unable to find women to marry, or even date.

A couple of caveats: I have nothing against cats. I actually like cats; my family had several while I was growing up and we got along famously.

That said, why a grown man would, in some of the examples highlighted, get a professionally made portrait of himself with his cat (or cats!) is beyond me.

Probably not the best choice for a profile picture on

Probably not the best choice for a profile picture on

What do you do with the photo afterward? It’s not the sort of thing that’s going to impress anyone – unless you have a Bengal tiger for a pet.

According to the website i09, goofy cat pictures have been around since the early days of photography.

“Once humans got their hands on cameras, the dignity of the domesticated feline was forever doomed,” the site writes.

However, the idea of humiliating yourself along with your cat? That seems to be a relatively new one.

Anyhoo, as I like to say, one man’s misfortune is another man’s belly laugh, so enjoy the gallery of misfits.

5 thoughts on “This has to be animal abuse on some level

  1. People are so weird! I’m sure men aren’t the only ones, but there does seem to be more of them documenting themselves being weird. I’m just glad I’m not single right now! Though I must say that being single doesn’t mean that you HAVE to date! 🙂

    • My first thought when I see pictures like these is: If people like this are willing to make public this kind of stuff, imagine what they don’t want everyone to know.

      Of course, some folks simply have the common sense of a bag of rocks, but others are a bit more concerning.

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