6 thoughts on “Not sure what the point was here, but …

  1. In addition to being not funny, this is in very poor taste. Not exactly what we need to see the day after the Boston massacre.

    • I would respectfully disagree by saying that perhaps after what happened in Boston what we need is a little something that brings a smile.

      Thanks to Andy Hall, I now know the source of the statement and the story behind it. Of course, I still don’t know why someone would dress a perfectly good dog up and hang such a sign around his neck.

      Is this post culturally insensitive? Perhaps. But any insensitivity is unconnected to what happened at the Boston Marathon.

  2. FWIW this picture is from last year, and as pointed out above was a play on a popular meme at the time.

    Don’t understand what the Boston Marathon has to do with it, but if we let tragedy get in the way of unrelated humor we’ve let the terrorists win.

    • We can wring our hands and gnash our teeth all we want when something awful occurs, but it’s not going change what’s happened. I’m not arguing we should ignore tragedies or make them into a joke, but if we can’t find humor in something somewhere, we’re in for a long, dreary haul.

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