Note to Deer: Hawaii good; West Virginia bad

The above graphic produced by State Farms shows, state-by-state, the likelihood of deer-car collision.

Any deer reading this may want to consider vacationing in Hawaii, The chances of a driver hitting a deer in Hawaii during the 2011-2012 period were 6,801 to 1, according to State Farm.

The state one was most likely to hit a deer was West Virginia, where the odds were just 40-to-1. That’s 25 out of every 1,000 people during the period recorded. The auto-body repair business must be doing very well in the Mountain State..

Given that West Virginia is a well-known hunting locale, being a deer there has got to be a real challenge.

Of course, once you’ve had you’re garden or fruit trees repeatedly ravaged by the relentless ruminants, it’s hard to have a whole lot of sympathy them.

(HT: Carpe Diem)


7 thoughts on “Note to Deer: Hawaii good; West Virginia bad

    • They seem to be out of control just about everywhere where the hunters aren’t out in force. I hit one a couple of years ago, and have come close on other occasions since then.

      I’d imagine there’s plenty for them to eat where you’re at, too.

      • I guess but I’ve never liked venison. My dad use to hunt deer in southern Tennessee where I grew up and they cooked it all different ways. It was just too gamey for me. I hear it tastes better up here in the north because of what they eat.

  1. A deer can certainly make a mess of your car.

    I wonder what the advertising campaign encouraging deer to holiday in a safer environment would look like?
    Posters of happy deer with surfboards hanging out at the beach nailed to trees to make the at-home deer feel like getting away from it all? 😉

    • I imagine scenes of big strapping bucks silhouetted against a mountain and demure does frolicking in a stream, as hunters are shown tumbling to their demise, all with Wagnerian music playing in the background. And underneath would be a screen crawl that reads: “This could be you!”

    • My folks live in the Monterey Bay area and the deer have wreaked havoc on their fruit trees for years and years. I can’t tell you how many trees the deer ate the branches from.

      And I know my mom has hit at least one deer over the years. They seem to be everywhere out your way.

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