15 thoughts on “Because we all celebrate in our own special way

  1. Happy new year! Regarding the weather you and Metan are speaking about. We just had several inches of snow dumped on us. If you’re not careful you’ll go “ice-skating” across the parking lot, with all the patches of ice waiting to catch some poor unsuspecting soul. 😉

    • As someone who loves to play hockey, I’d normally say that’s great news, but if I remember right, the ice patch usually slips up on you when you’re not expecting it, and always when there is someone else to see you fall.

      Happy new year, as well. And happy sailing in 2013!

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      Go bhfana í ngrá linn,
      Iad siúd atá í ngrá linn.
      Iad siúd nach bhfuil,
      Go gcasa Dia a gcroíthe.
      Agus muna gcasann Sé a gcroíthe
      Go gcasa Sé caol na coise acu
      Go n-aithneoimid iad as a mbacadaíl.

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