Ontario attorney pays $5,300 for hockey toilet

A Canadian attorney paid more than $5,000 for a toilet from Maple Leaf Gardens, the former home of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Jim Vigmond, of Barrie, Ontario, bought the commode earlier this month for $5,300 at an auction of items from Maple Leafs Gardens. He opted for the toilet once the item he initially sought – the Leafs’ 1967 Stanley Cup banner – got too pricey, according to the National Post.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the 55-year-old Vigmond has been taking some abuse from his friends for the purchase.

“They thought I had money to burn, and surely there was something that I could have better spent my money on,” he said. “They’ve got a point. But … it’s a part of an icon. I just thought … what a rare piece and just think of all of the people that have spent time contemplating in that dressing room what lies ahead of them.”

Some 112 items were auctioned off during event, including the penalty box benches, banners honoring retired greats such as King Clancy, Tim Horton and George Armstrong, and a variety of autographed jerseys and photos.

Maple Leaf Gardens was home to the club from 1931 to 1999.

Interestingly, Vigmond wasn’t the only one pursuing the toilet from the Leafs’ dressing room. A total of 49 bids were placed on the privy, the most of any item at the auction, according to a final tally.

The most expensive item sold was the 1966-67 championship banner Vigmond originally sought, which went for $34,000.

That banner is emblematic of the Leafs’ last Stanley Cup winning team: Toronto now has the longest championship drought of any NHL franchise. That doesn’t appear set to end any time soon as the current season is on hold while the players and owners struggle through another labor impasse.

Vigmond plans on putting the toilet in his sports memorabilia room, where he wants to sit on it, light up a Cuban cigar, open a bottle of 30-year-old single malt, and hopefully, watch a Leafs game sometime soon, the National Post reported.

The hockey blog Puck Daddy suggested that the Ontario lawyer name the fixture the “Punch Bowl,” in honor of former Leafs’ coach and general manager Punch Imlach, who led the team to Stanley Cup titles in 1962, ’63, ’64, and ’67.

(Above: The $5,300 toilet from the old Maple Leaf Gardens. Photo Credit: the National Post.)

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