Wikipedia: where free time goes to die

Personally, I would have inserted “Austro-Hungarian Empire” for “Soviet Union,” but that’s just me.

Point is, for all Wikipedia’s occasional flaws with self-sourcing and people trying to disseminate inaccurate or deliberately misleading information, there may be no better website for knowledge junkies.

Imagine if the average person substituted a half an hour of television viewing each day for a 30 minutes of Wikipedia. (Provided, of course, they didn’t spend that half hour on Wikipedia reading about the show they were no longer watching.)

Sure, we’d likely have some folks spouting off a lot of useless trivia, but at least they wouldn’t be talking about worthless network programing.

5 thoughts on “Wikipedia: where free time goes to die

  1. I’m totally with you on this. When I find an interesting article for my blog I try to do a bit of research so it sounds like I know what I’m talking about. Suddenly it is midnight and I know waaaay too much about shrunken heads or the history of drycleaning….

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