Wyoming town, population 1, up for sale

Tiny Buford, Wyo., is up for sale. Benefits include no pesky neighbors – in fact, no neighbors at all – 10 acres of land, a store, a three-bedroom house, a garage and a cellphone tower.

Bids for the town, population 1, start at $100,000. That wouldn’t even buy a garage in Boulder, Colo., 115 miles to the south.

Current owner Don Sammons moved to Buford from California in 1980 with his family. But his wife died several years ago and his son grew up and moved away, leaving him on his own, according to Agence France-Presse.

“I am getting to the point where I’m thinking about retirement,” said Sammons, who describes himself as the mayor.

Buford, located along Interstate-80, 30 miles east of Cheyenne, is billed as America’s smallest town.

It once had 2,000 inhabitants, but then the railroad dropped it as a stopping point, and locals gradually moved out. It boasts the rare road sign: “Buford. Pop. 1. Elev 8,000.”

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