Has long-lost da Vinci been found in Italy?

A Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece hidden for four centuries may have been uncovered inside a Florence palace, according to art historians.

Art sleuths said Monday they believe they have found traces of a da Vinci work masterpiece on a hidden wall in the Palazzo Vecchio.

The traces were collected using tiny probes introduced into a wall covering the original surface in a lavish hall in palace and contained a black pigment also used in the “Mona Lisa,” historians and officials said.

The research, which employed cutting-edge technology, is the result of a decades-long quest by San Diego University art history professor Maurizio Seracini.

“The composition of manganese and iron found in the black pigment has been identified exclusively on Leonardo’s paintings,” Seracini said.

Seracini pointed out that Leonardo had painted the “Mona Lisa” at around the same time as the long-lost fresco, “The Battle of Anghiari,” but said the research was “not conclusive” and would have to be continued, according to Agence France-Presse.

“Although we are still in the preliminary stages of the research and there is still a lot of work to be done to solve this mystery, the evidence does suggest that we are searching in the right place,” he said.

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