The hitching of two Southern spring chickens

A century ago, two residents of the Oklahoma Confederate Veterans Home wanted to get married. This wasn’t as unusual as it might sound because the home admitted Confederate veterans and widows of Confederate veterans.

William H. Stoneburner, 68, of Muscogee County had fallen in love with Annie Bolling, 66, of Capitol Hill.

At first there was a bit of a problem because while the home, which was in Ardmore, Okla., had separate quarters for men and women, there were no accommodations for married couples.

In addition, there was the fear that “connubial relations” between residents might lead to “improper familiarity” between men and women who weren’t married, according to the blog My Old Confederate Home.

However, both Stoneburner and Bolling claimed they were desperately in love and asked for Superintendent John J. Galt’s permission to wed.

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