History be damned, let’s sell some beer!

No one would dispute that a bit of “creative license” is to be expected when it comes to advertising.

Few distort reality with more regularity and aplomb than American brewery companies.

These are the folks that would have you believe that the low-grade swill they pump out daily in quantities equivalent to that of a supertanker is a full-bodied, uniquely brewed, refreshingly satisfying beer.

In reality once you’re of legal drinking age you quickly come to the realization that not only do the ads in question leave a bit to be desired in terms of promises versus reality, but that you’re reluctant to even dump the slop in question into the steaming radiator of a rusting ‘63 Studebaker Lark for fear the suds will eat their way through the cooling system.

Indeed, it would seem that the more a beer ad promises and the more effort the company puts into selling its product, the lower the quality of the brew.

Take one of the latest advertising efforts by Budweiser, called “Return of the King.”

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