Media free pass on SCRA continues unabated

 One of the more perplexing mysteries surrounding the South Carolina media is the free pass given the S.C. Research Authority, no matter what the state agency does or is alleged to have done.

Case in point: earlier this year SCRA Chairman Bill Masters submitted a resignation letter to Gov. Nikki Haley that included a number of troubling allegations, including:

  • The Research Authority is run mostly for the benefit of top management;
  • It manipulates government contracts and data to pass audits; and
  • Board trustees are allowed to have input into issues and decisions from which they benefit without having to disclose their affiliations.

Masters also questioned the veracity of data provided by SCRA top management to board trustees, high management salaries, and whether the agency funds jobs that go to other states.

There were other issues raised, as well, yet near as I can tell, not a single media outlet besides the one I work for, The Nerve, bothered to devote an inch of space or a minute of air time to either Masters’ allegations or the fact that he was stepping down.

And remember, this is the agency that has been charged by the General Assembly with directing the development of South Carolina’s so-called “knowledge-based economy.”

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