Augusta honors war hero, Constitution signer

Revolutionary War hero William Few, one of two Georgians to sign the US Constitution, was honored Thursday in a ceremony at his grave site in St. Paul’s Church cemetery in Augusta.

About 150 people watched as a color guard in Colonial-era uniforms presented colors and fired a three-gun musket salute, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

Memorial wreaths were laid on Few’s grave by heritage groups and members of Few’s family, the publication added.

Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver and state Rep. Barbara Sims spoke on Few’s contributions ahead of the 224th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution on Saturday.

Few is largely forgotten today, but he is one of the untold-many founding fathers who helped make the United States of America a reality.

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Last son of last Habsburg ruler dies at age 95

The last surviving child of Austria-Hungary’s last emperor died earlier this month in Mexico, just two months after his older brother passed away.

Felix Habsburg Lothringen, 95, was the third son of  Emperor Karl I and Empress Zita.

Felix’s brother, Otto von Habsburg, died in early July. He was the eldest son of the last ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Charles I. 

Felix was the last surviving child of Charles and Zita’s eight offspring.

To put into context how long both brothers lived, they outlived the Habsburg Empire by nearly 93 years and their father by more than 89 years.

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