SCANA tries to quash takeover rumors

The chief executive of South Carolina’s largest publicly traded company is denying reports that his corporation is up for sale.

CEO Bill Timmerman of SCANA Corp. attempted to quash gossip surrounding the Cayce-based utility.

“The rumors are false,” Timmerman said in a statement, adding he knew of “no corporate developments to account for the unusual market activity in SCANA’s stock.”

Shares SCANA closed up about 1.37 percent on Thursday on reports the company was exploring a sale, but were off in afternoon trading Friday, to just under $39 a share.

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Frozen baby mammoth found in Russia

The body of a prehistoric baby wooly mammoth has been found, apparently in a state of perfect preservation, by a reindeer herder in the Russian Arctic.

The creature’s carcass was sticking up out of the permafrost, local officials said. The discovery came in the same area a mammoth calf dubbed “Lyuba” was found four years ago, authorities told Reuters.

An expedition has been dispatched to confirm and possibly recover the find.

“If it is true what is said about how it is preserved, this will be another sensation of global significance,” expedition leader Natalia Fyodorova said in a statement on the Arctic Yamalo-Nenetsk region’s website.

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