Democracy today: much light, little heat

The longer one analyzes politics without any skin in the game or an ax to grind, the more one is able to acknowledge it for what it is: a high-dollar, high-stakes version of professional wrestling.

Don Boudreaux, writing in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, describes our modern-day democratic form of government slightly differently. He says it’s nothing more than theatre, where from the president down to midlevel staffers in Uncle Sam’s sprawling bureaucracies, each and every government official is acting.

“Each senator is aware that he’ll be judged largely by the quality of the words he speaks publicly. Each House member knows that she is performing for an audience,” the George Mason University professor writes.

Boudreaux clearly and concisely sums up the modus operandi of politicians at the national level. He doesn’t say so, but it applies to state-level solons, as well:

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