Davis calls out GOP hucksters on budget

Kudos to state Sen. Tom Davis for his op-ed in the Charleston Post and Courier shining a light on the charade that South Carolina Republican leadership tries to pull over on citizens regularly: that even though the state budget has broken into unchartered territory once again, lawmakers themselves deserve credit for frugality.

The first three paragraphs of the piece written by Davis, a Beaufort Republican, are priceless:

You know it is summer in the Palmetto State when our politicians start bragging about how conservative they’ve been with your tax dollars. You know the drill: The South Carolina General Assembly passes a budget larger than the previous year’s and overrides gubernatorial vetoes, and then Republican legislative leaders spin their spending as ‘conservative’ and ‘fiscally responsible.’

This year’s campaign includes a guest column in the Post & Courier on July 18 by House Speaker Bobby Harrell titled ‘Facts show conservative state budget,’ in which he claims the legislature ‘reduced the size of state government by cutting both taxes and spending.’ That is simply not true.

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Armada wreck found off coast of Ireland

A shipwreck believed to have been part of the famed Spanish Armada has been discovered off the coast of Ireland.

 As many as 24 ships of the 130-strong fleet were wrecked along Ireland’s rocky coastline in 1588, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

The location of the latest vessel in shallow water off the coast of County Donegal means a search team will have better than usual access any artifacts that may still be on board.

Heritage minister Jimmy Deenihan said the discovery was a significant find not only for Ireland but also to the international archaeological, historical and maritime communities.

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