FFCH snaps up Hilton Head deposits

First Financial Holdings of Charleston announced Wednesday that subsidiary First Federal Savings and Loan Association has signed an agreement to acquire the deposits and some loans of Liberty Savings Bank’s South Carolina offices.

Liberty, which is headquartered in Ohio, has five branches in Hilton Head with total deposits of nearly $110 million. 

As part of the transaction, First Federal will purchase approximately $27 million in loans, according to information filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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‘Self-portrait’ actually van Gogh’s brother

A noted 1887 work by Vincent van Gogh long thought to have been a self-portrait of the famed Dutch painter is in fact a picture of his younger brother Theo, according to art researchers at Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.

“According to current opinion, Vincent van Gogh never painted his brother Theo, on whom he was dependent,” the Van Gogh Museum said in a statement.

But senior researcher Louis van Tilborgh now believed the painting of a man wearing a light-colored hat and a dark blue jacket (above) was actually Van Gogh’s brother Theo, Vincent’s junior by five years, according to new service Agence France-Presse.

“The conclusion is based on a number of obvious differences between the two brothers,” said the museum, pointing out dissimilar features including the neatness of the subject’s beard and his round-shaped ear, “something Vincent did not have.”

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Lost Irish town discovered after 370 years

Archeologists have discovered an Irish town razed by the English 370 years ago.

The discovery of the lost town of Dunluce has been hailed as an “archaeologist’s dream,” according to the BBC.

The town, next to Dunluce Castle (above) in County Antrim, was razed to the ground during the 1641 Irish rebellion.

 Dunluce was abandoned, which means it has remained as a perfectly reserved site, according to UTV.

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