Researcher drops tally for NC Civil War dead

The long-held assertion that more than 40,000 Confederate soldiers from North Carolina died during the War Between the States would appear to be off by about 5,000, according to a researcher from the Tar Heel State.

Josh Howard of the state Office of Archives and History says no more than 35,000 Confederate soldiers from North Carolina died in the Civil War, about 12 percent fewer than the long-held count that allowed the state to claim more casualties than any other Southern state.

As of earlier this month, Howard has accounted for about 32,100 dead Confederates from North Carolina and an additional 3,000 he categorizes as missing. Some of those may have died in the war.

The count from 1866 that allowed North Carolina to claim the most killed was 40,275. A recount in Virginia is coming up with higher numbers for that state.

South Carolina’s war dead is thought to be just over roughly 17,500, though some informal recounts are under way on that figure.

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