How taxi licensing system hurts consumers

The taxi medallion system has to be one of the greatest scams ever devised.

Under the system employed in cities big and small across the US, operating a taxi legally is only possible through the purchase of a medallion – often at a high price – ostensibly to guarantee the quality of service.

However, this arrangement serves to effectively reduce competition rather than ensure quality.

A. Barton Hinkle of the Richmond Times-Dispatch explains:

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Dry weather slows Southern cotton planting

Hot, dry weather is delaying cotton planting in much of the Southeast, according to agriculture experts.

Nearing mid-May, University of Georgia Extension Cotton Specialist Guy Collins said growers in the Peach State were about 20 percent planted, compared to a five-year average of 25 percent, according to Southeast Farm Press.

“We’re in a holding pattern for planting cotton now, especially our dryland producers. I don’t think we can say yet that this crop is late, but we can’t afford another two weeks of hot, dry conditions,” Collins said. “We’re just a little bit behind right now, and we’re certainly not in a panic situation.”

While some see June 1 as the latest a grower can plant cotton and expect good results, Collins said that with some of the earlier varieties, it’s possible to plant as late as June 15.

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