Fitted-sheet lobby on the move out west

Always on the lookout for the well being of its citizens and, in this case, that of visitors, the California Senate has introduced a bill that would mandate fitted, rather than flat, sheets on hotel beds.

That’s right, SB 432 would require the “use of a fitted sheet, instead of a flat sheet, as the bottom sheet on all beds within the lodging establishment.”

One suspects the flat-sheet industry couldn’t pony up enough cash to get the lobbyists needed to head this bill off before it was introduced.

Does anyone really want to force someone else to use fitted sheets? They’re dreadfully difficult to fold, miserable to get onto large mattresses and have a tendency to come off in the middle of the night.

The bigger question, though, is this: What concern is it of the state what type of sheet a private business uses?

Oh, that’s right, as Overlawyered put it, this is an issue “because, really, there’s no detail too small for the government to regulate.”

(HT: Coyote Blog)


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