The 2012 Ferrari FF: A dream come true

Most of us won’t be in the market for a Ferrari anytime soon, but car aficionados can always dream.

For those who muse about a future filled with torque, horsepower and more speed than a Greatful Dead reunion, there is the Ferrari FF.

The Wall Street Journal has a captivating review of the 2012 Ferrari FF, including a decidedly atypical introduction:

Imagine the Alps, perfected. Each breath tastes of diamonds. Snow-laced massifs vault into a dark-blue sky and green hills cascade to the valleys below, a panoptic of edelweiss and immortality. Here the cowbells play Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and busty women in over-tight dirndls repair the roads.

Now imagine all this upside down, flying past your windshield at 32 feet per second squared as you plunge to your picturesque Alpine death in the Ferrari FF. And everything was going so well.

The reader is left with no doubt as to the review’s opinion on the vehicle:

This is absolutely the coolest Ferrari of all time, ‘cool’ insofar as it delivers brain-solvent performance without looking like it gives a damn what you think, cool insofar as its radical Pininfarina styling (a ‘shooting brake,’ or three-door hatch GT) waves a contemptuous finger at conventional wisdom. This is a car that despises prettiness and mocks your bourgeois notions of sleek and rakish, which are stylistic sideshows of aerodynamics, anyway. Yes, I agree, the car looks like a toilet brush on wheels, but how monumentally gutsy it is for Ferrari to even think such a thing, much less commit hundreds of millions of euros to its execution. My God. Ferrari? The most self-satisfied car company on earth dares to put its weight on such a limb? It’s downright epic.

The Ferrari FF packs 651 horses under the hood. It not only goes from zero-to-62-mph in 3.7 seconds, but from zero-to-124 in 11 seconds. The latter isn’t something you see advertised with your run-of-the-mill American car, or practically any other car, for that matter.

The FF has a top speed of 207 mph, according to the Journal, which would make it the fastest four-seater in the world.

So how much for this little piece of heaven? $300,000.

If you’ve got the money, that doesn’t seem like too a bad deal at all.



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