Hall replaces Hood at First Federal

Thomas Hood stepped down as president of First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Charleston and also resigned as a director of First Federal and parent company First Financial Holdings for personal reasons, the company announced Tuesday.

First Financial named Wayne Hall, currently chief executive of First Financial and First Federal, to take Hood’s position as president of First Federal.

Hall was also elected by the First Financial board of directors to fill the vacancy created by Hood’s resignation.

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Media watchdogs drop ball on SCRA

Considering a career in journalism? Here’s a quick quiz to help you determine if you’ve got the ability to recognize a potential story:

The chairman of a relatively high-profile state agency charged by legislative leaders with making the knowledge economy happen in South Carolina submits a letter of resignation and includes a damning eight-page report regarding the organization.

The chairman’s report alleges that this agency is run mostly for the benefit of top management, manipulates government contracts and data to pass audits, and that board trustees are allowed to have input into issues and decisions from which they benefit without having to disclose their affiliations.

The chairman also questions the accuracy of data provided by top management to board members, high management salaries and whether the agency, which indirectly gets millions in taxpayer dollars, funds jobs that go to other states, a violation of its enabling legislation.

How do you, potential cub reporter, react?

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