WIS: Jesus tells local woman to ‘shut up’

According to a local television news station, Jesus – Son of God and Christianity’s central figure – may have recently had an off day.

A story published on WIS-TV’s website Monday featured this headline: “84-year-old beating victim: “I was calling out to Jesus, and he still told me to shut up.”

But upon reading the story, it becomes apparent that the “he” in the headline is LeRoy Robertson, a convicted sex offender, rather than the savior himself.

Robertson attacked Carol Knight inside a Johnston restaurant last week, she told the television station.

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Biomass proving a pile of waste in Japan

For all you alternative energy advocates who can’t throw away taxpayer dollars fast enough in a quest to “do something” about global warming comes this cautionary tale from the Far East.

None of the Japanese government’s 214 biomass promotion projects — with public funding coming to 6.55 trillion yen — over the past six years has produced effective results in the struggle against global warming, according to an official report released last week, the Japan Times reported.

For those of you who don’t happen to have a yen-to-dollar converter handy, that’s the equivalent of a little less than $79 billion dollars.

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