Remembering a child-like faith

Organized religion has plenty of detractors, many of whom never miss a chance to air their grievances, Festivus-style.

But for every lapsed Catholic or non-practicing Pentecostal, there is a devout believer who finds solace in their faith, even if their fervency isn’t always made known to all who surround them.

The blog Nothingness begins a post called The Church of My Childhood thus:

It was a small church, whose memory has become a part of me. 

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Age catching up with Hitler’s last bodyguard

Adolf Hitler’s last surviving bodyguard has stopped responding to the flood of fan mail the 93-year-old receives, citing old age.

Rochus Misch, who uses a walking frame to move around his apartment, told the Berliner Kurier that with the deluge of letters he receives asking for autographs, it was “no longer possible” to reply because of his age.

“They (letters) come from Korea, from Knoxville, Tennessee, from Finland and Iceland – and not one has a bad word to say,” said Misch, who is believed to be the last man alive to have seen Hitler and other top-ranking Nazis in the flesh.

In the past Misch used to send fans autographed copies of wartime photos of himself in a neatly pressed SS uniform, according to Reuters. Now the incoming fan mail, including letters and packages, piles up in his flat in south Berlin’s leafy Rudow neighborhood.

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