Proof that we’ve all got reason to be ashamed

If negative attention is better than no attention at all, the above map ought to catch the notice of many people.

This map of the United States, from, purports to identify what each state in the union is the worst at. A good bit of it seems like a reach, however.

South Carolina, for instance, is listed as having the highest percentage of mobile homes (18.8 percent). Compared to South Dakota (highest rate in forcible rape, according to, Illinois (highest rate of robbery) and Montana (highest rate of drunk driving deaths), though, this seems hardly worthy of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

And many people would probably rather live in a mobile home they can call their own than be cooped up in a run-down apartment complex, if given the option.

Other questionable calls: Ohio, nerdiest state based highest number of library visits per capita (oh, if only South Carolina had this “problem”); Iowa, oldest state based on percentage of people age 85 and older; and Indiana, identified as “least green,” as rated by NMI solutions.

And some categories might even be interpreted as positives by some:

  • Idaho is listed as having the “weakest government influence” based on lowest level of Congressional clout;
  • Oklahoma has the most female criminals. (Sounds like the equality movement is doing just fine in the Sooner State.); and
  • New Hampshire is listed as being worst for corporate taxes. Unstated is that the Granite State likely has high corporate taxes because it has no broad sales tax or income tax.

And, of course, there is the just plain bizarre:

  • Washington is worst for bestiality;
  • North Dakota is said to have the ugliest residents; and
  • Maine is listed as having the dumbest residents.

All of which makes for an interesting read but really doesn’t tell you a whole lot, except that no place is immune from the frailties of mankind.


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