Remembering SC’s five-day governor

There’s little reason to believe that today’s transition from Gov. Mark Sanford to Gov.-elect Nikki Haley will be anything but smooth. The two are ideologically aligned in many respects and, besides, decorum holds that even were the two bitter enemies, they’d likely do their best to put personal feelings aside for the good of the state on Inauguration Day.

Given South Carolina’s tumultuous past, it’s hardly surprising that that hasn’t always been the case, however.

On Jan. 14, 1915, rather than personally hand over the reins of power to a successor whose political views were diametrically opposed to his own, Cole Blease resigned as governor five days before Richard I. Manning III was to be inaugurated.

Blease is said to have used red ink to resign rather than relinquish the office to a man “whose philosophy I despise.”

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