Sunlit Uplands: Where reason dares not tread

A sure sign of a geographical entity’s “arrival” is when it gets its own propaganda machine. Here in South Carolina, we have a blog called “Sunlit Uplands,” our own little online version of Pravda and Tass all rolled into one.

Sunlit’s author doesn’t spend a lot of time writing his own pieces but he does enjoy slapping up other folks’ stuff up when it matches his worldview. It doesn’t matter how far detached from reality the article is; if it fits with the opinions of super-ultra far-right wing of the Nut-Nut Party, Sunlit is all over it.

The more entertaining copy can be found in the “Sunlit News” bar, along the righthand side of the site. Headlines read like the something out the Weekly World Newsif it were taken over by the John Birch Society.

Among the more interesting:

  • Don’t agree with Obama? Get ready for IRS probe;
  • Glenn Beck crowd: not so lily-white as advertised … ;
  • Is Obama Constitutionally eligible to serve?
  • UN campaigns for homosexual adoption in Mexico; and
  • Think Obama is a bully?

My guess is that if you buy into the premise of any of the above, it’s time to loosen your tinfoil hat.

Take a story titled “House candidate drops bid so she can expose Obama.” The story details Miki Booth’s reasons for dropping out of Oklahoma’s 2nd District Congressional race; namely, to give her more time to work on “exposing” Obama, she claims.

“Running for office interfered with my efforts to expose Obama and his corrupt administration so I made the decision to bow out …” she told World Net Daily.

What was undisclosed in the story is that Booth was a longshot, so her dropping out may not seem as magnanimous a gesture as she makes it.

In fact, if campaign donations are any indication, Booth had absolutely no chance.

Incumbent Dan Boren, a Democrat, has raised $1.2 million in the 2010 election cycle, according to Charles Thompson and Daniel Edmonds, both Republicans, have raised $32,171 and 27,437, respectively.

Booth, according to, had amassed just $3,000. But there’s probably no connection between her raising so little money and deciding to drop out.

If anything, Sunlit probably sees Miki Booth as a hero.

In Sunlit’s eyes, we’d be a better, stronger and more ideologically sound nation if more Americans would give up their dimly thought-out aspirations of elected office to try to reveal the president for what he is: a socialist, communist, fascist, traitor, Muslim and/or the antichrist, depending on your tastes, IQ and day of the week.

2 thoughts on “Sunlit Uplands: Where reason dares not tread

    • No, actually my point was to show what a ridiculous collection of claptrap you slap up on your blog. While I was at it, I attempted to truth squad some of your twaddle, as well.

      News flash: It failed.

      I neither write to attract readers nor to tally statistics. Any blogger who wants to do so need only throw up the occasional photo of a bikini-clad starlet, reprint college football news or, as in your case, traffic in poorly sourced innuendo and wishful thinking based on knee-jerk politics.

      You can brag all you want about your stats, but most folks with more than a middle school education will take quality over quantity any day. Not that my blog necessarily fills the former, but yours does seem to have the market cornered on the latter.

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