Sunlit Uplands: Where reason dares not tread

A sure sign of a geographical entity’s “arrival” is when it gets its own propaganda machine. Here in South Carolina, we have a blog called “Sunlit Uplands,” our own little online version of Pravda and Tass all rolled into one.

Sunlit’s author doesn’t spend a lot of time writing his own pieces but he does enjoy slapping up other folks’ stuff up when it matches his worldview. It doesn’t matter how far detached from reality the article is; if it fits with the opinions of super-ultra far-right wing of the Nut-Nut Party, Sunlit is all over it.

The more entertaining copy can be found in the “Sunlit News” bar, along the righthand side of the site. Headlines read like the something out the Weekly World Newsif it were taken over by the John Birch Society.

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Regulators watching high number of SC banks

South Carolina has 16 fewer state-based banks than North Carolina, yet the Palmetto State has eight more institutions that have been placed under some sort of regulatory action since 2008, The State newspaper reports.

“Nearly one of every four banks based in South Carolina has received public enforcement actions from federal regulators since the recession began 2 1-2 years ago,” the paper reported.

“At least 21 S.C.-based banks now have received orders to improve their balance sheets since 2008, according to records from regulators’ websites,” it added. “The number has doubled this year.”

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