Sandy Koufax on pitching (circa 1965)

Sandy Koufax was the most dominating pitcher of his era, compiling a 165-87 record during just 12 seasons with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers. More amazingly, he didn’t begin to hit his stride until the 1961 season, going 129-47 over the next six years.

Koufax threw four no-hitters, including a perfect game, won three Cy Young Awards and helped the Dodgers to four World Series titles. He was named the National League’s most valuable player in 1963.

In this excerpt taken from a Dec. 20, 1965, interview with Sports Illustrated, Koufax discusses his strategy on the mound:

Sports Illustrated: Do you “pitch around” many hitters?

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Grad student finds Confederate prison camp

A 36-year-old graduate student from Georgia Southern University made a stunning discovery recently when he uncovered a Confederate prison camp in Southeastern Georgia.

It took Kevin Chapman, who set out to find Camp Lawton for his thesis project in archaeology, just a few months to locate the site, which appears largely untouched since Yankee forces burned it in 1864.

“This is truly a stunning find with historical implications that will be studied for decades,” said Georgia Southern Archaeology Professor Sue Moore. “While we knew we were searching in the immediate vicinity of the site of the Civil War’s largest prison camp, we were amazed by some of the artifacts that were uncovered and at their condition. These pieces tell the story like nothing else can of what life was like for the thousands of prisoners and soldiers who lived here at the close of the war.”

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