Beware of politicians bearing bibles

Tammy of the blog Seeding Spartanburg recently penned an intriguing post that posited the questions “What is a good Christian man?” and, just as interestingly, “Why do so many politicians feel the need to use that term as an identifying label?”

“I keep hearing that term tossed around in political circles and I remain baffled because I’m not sure I know one,” she writes. “Or at least, I should say, the ones I do know don’t feel the need to go out and declare it in the way some politicos do. I do know of a handful who walk the walk and for those few … I have great respect. They aren’t always ‘christians’ though … they just walk that walk.”

Tammy writes, correctly, that religion and spirituality are very personal, something one lives by example, not by declaration.

She adds astutely that when citizens base their support on a candidate continually declaring their devotion to their faith, they’re only kidding themselves.

“If you think … REALLY … think … that simply because a political candidate anoints himself a ‘good christian man’ that it means he will be a fine politician … you’re a sucker,” she writes.

More wise words from her post:

The best advice I have for any politician … don’t run as a saint. You ain’t one. None of us are. Just be a person who is trying to work to make things better.

And to everyone who believes politicians don’t drink booze, do drugs, screw around on their partner, gamble, lie, cheat … or whatever ‘sin’ you may frown upon … WAKE UP already. Politicians are just people. Not Jesus. They are just as capable of doing those things as the rest of us.

Quit judging and electing them on what you think they should be in your eyes and simply start choosing people who might be able to actually FIX OUR PROBLEMS. They do have resumes … you might consider taking a look at qualifications for a change.

Politicians are no different than you or me. They tend to be people who either want to truly change the way things are done or simply people who want to build their resume.

It’s up to me and you to open our eyes, research, determine their motives and vote accordingly. 

Regardless, none of them are perfect and you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you think they are.

Amen, Tammy. Amen.

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