Beware of politicians bearing bibles

Tammy of the blog Seeding Spartanburg recently penned an intriguing post that posited the questions “What is a good Christian man?” and, just as interestingly, “Why do so many politicians feel the need to use that term as an identifying label?”

“I keep hearing that term tossed around in political circles and I remain baffled because I’m not sure I know one,” she writes. “Or at least, I should say, the ones I do know don’t feel the need to go out and declare it in the way some politicos do. I do know of a handful who walk the walk and for those few … I have great respect. They aren’t always ‘christians’ though … they just walk that walk.”

Tammy writes, correctly, that religion and spirituality are very personal, something one lives by example, not by declaration.

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Woodrow Wilson: A regular laugh riot

Looking back on American history, there don’t appear to have been many presidents who could be described as a “barrel of laughs.”

But among the most dour has to be Woodrow Wilson. Described as being humorless, immodest and self-righteous, Wilson was far better suited for one of his prior job, president of Princeton University – even if he apparently wasn’t very good at that, either – than leading the United States.

Not surprisingly, other world leaders found him difficult to stomach.

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Westbrook appointed Peoples’ CEO

Andrew Westbrook III has been named to replace longtime Peoples Bancorporation Chief Executive R. Riggie Ridgeway, the company announced Tuesday.

The move was approved by Peoples’ board of directors on July 21, and came upon the recommendation of Ridgeway, who took over as CEO of Peoples in 2004 when founder Robert Dye Sr. died.

Westbrook, who was the president and chief operating officer of the Anderson-based bank holding company, assumes the positions of both CEO and president with the move, according to information filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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